Sunday, October 13, 2019

Autumn 2019

Hello Friends!

I hope you had a fruitful summer and are enjoying the fall.

I really enjoyed the Amplify evangelism conference in Wheaton, IL, in June as part of a cohort of 8 Seventh Day Baptists. A common thread was how we, the Church, are image-bearers of God to a broken world. 

I was blessed to meet Pastor Colin Smith of “Unlocking the Bible” (pictured at right). I’ve listened to his sermons online and grown through his insights and the application to my life. I encourage you to check out their free lessons and videos for taking someone through the Bible to see the big picture and the need for Christ.

Our SDB cohort, shown below, included me, Linda Lyke, Noela Kennedy, Nick Kersten, Heather Muschett, Glasford Dacres, and Louise Miller. Garfield Miller is not pictured since he was the photographer. 

In my database world, we just finished updating 440 people’s records with their areas of expertise so we can help our churches tap these resources for gospel work across the Conference. I also spend much time answering inquiries, 13 in the past quarter, from people who want to attend one of our churches or have questions about the Sabbath. Since they are usually too far from a church, I ask if they would consider starting a group. 

We need more people for this work of encouraging pre-SDBs to connect with us and continue to keep the Sabbath. Please contact me if you want to volunteer! We’re praising God for new SDB activity in Mexico, Phoenix, Indianapolis and central Kansas.

Former SDB Camp Wakonda campers
It was fun to take a road trip to the SDB Conference this year in Lancaster, PA, stopping to visit family on the way out and ministry supporters in New York (the Little Genesee SDB Church and a friend in Alfred Station). After Conference, I visited friends from Cumberland, Maryland, where I served the Full Gospel SDB Church 2014-2015, including Pastor Ron and Karen Higson. 

At left (and center) is my sister in Illinois, Susan, and a Colorado sister, Mary Ellen.

 I also visited SDB pastors near Salemville, PA, Dr. Paul and Linda Manuel, and Darwin and Cheryl Steele. 

On the way to Conference in July, I visited my Aunt Carolyn (Burdick) Payne in Youngstown, OH, who was fighting an illness. Then, on the way home in August, I attended her funeral, and was very thankful the timing worked for me be there to celebrate her life with extended family.
My sister (Mary Ellen), Aunt Carolyn and me
Burdick cousins at SDB Camp Harley Sutton

Conference was exciting with youth and young adults leading the interest committees and evening worship, including the sermons. I enjoyed the music ministry directed by Jayar Smith (ministerial student), and the choir directed by Nathan Crowder. Flowing dance also enhanced our worship. Ben Calhoun of the band Citizen Way gave a great workshop on worship.  After attending the Communications committee, I agreed to become a proofreader for The Sabbath Recorder magazine. One of my skills is catching discrepancies and errors so, it‘s kind of fun!

This year at Conference I was responsible for setting up the display for Church Development, stretching across two tables. I put dots on a large map of the USA and southern Canada marking where we have active churches, fellowships and recent inquiries. This was to draw attention to the serious lack of SDB churches in our hemisphere compared to the demand.


When I returned to Colorado, I met my second grandchild, Elizabeth Joy Petersen, born to Paul and Aimée August 9th. This has resulted in more Grandma time with their older child, Jo Ana, to my great joy. She turns two in early November, close to my birthday. Her word for Grandma is “Yala”.

The Boulder SDB Church recently renamed itself, “Frontier Church – Carbon Valley, a Ministry of Seventh Day Baptists”. We were founded in 1893 on the western frontier of America and we continue to push the frontiers of faith as we take the gospel to our new community. 
On the 4th of July we had a booth at the local festival in Firestone. We gave away cold water, Bibles, tracts and prizes from a fun game using oversized dice. Many people received an invitation to join us for worship. 


We also continue a monthly outreach at the Frederick outdoor market, “Finale Friday”. The theme in September was Oktoberfest and Pastor Steve Osborn dressed in costume for the occasion. We also held a drawing for a guitar (donated by a church member) and hope to build a few relationships from the names we gathered.

Our media team was becoming short-handed, so I volunteered to learn the program that displays words to the songs we sing for worship. Always good to learn new skills! I also help with leading music occasionally. Now that we have a name, we are considering additional changes to become a church that is actively making disciples in our community .


Music worship team: Linda Lawton, Deb Skaggs, yours truly, Chris Vergez, Pastor Chris Galarneau

I was thankful to be able to travel to North Loup, Nebraska, in early September to celebrate the 95th birthday of Frances Van Horn. She and her husband, long-time SDBs, were special friends to me when I was a teen.  

I returned to North Loup this past weekend to attend the funeral of Pastor Mynor Soper, age 92. For a number of years he was an evangelist for Seventh Day Baptists, forming a singing group to travel with him, the Lightbearers for Christ. In 1975, he invited me to join the Lightbearers and I was thrilled to do that for the next 18 months, until I went to college. I had to raise a full $50/month in support!

As 2020 approaches, I am praying for direction regarding work and ministry. I need a higher income to save for retirement, so I am looking at non-ministry jobs. It might be possible to work part-time for the Conference and part-time elsewhere. Pastor John (my boss) and the Conference leaders would like to keep me since my work assists their productivity. God has a plan! Please join me in prayer for wisdom and guidance.

Swinging with my granddaughter, Jo Ana.
If you are able, a financial gift between now and year-end would be a great help toward my expenses for car repairs, dental work and self-employment taxes. I praise the Lord that my general health has been very good; no doctor visits this year, no medications needed. Thank you for your prayers! Checks are payable to “Frontier Church Carbon Valley” (or you can still make them out to "SDB Church of Boulder"), and can be mailed (with a note that it is for me) to:

Frontier Church – Carbon Valley
PO Box 67
Dacono CO 80514 

Prayer Requests:
  • For Frontier Church as we continue to evolve and prepare for greater mission in 2020.
  • For God’s provision to cover self-employment taxes, etc. Praise God for all my supporters.
  • For me as a light for Christ to my neighbors; good things are happening.
  • For guidance as I consider ways to increase my income in 2020.
 Thank you all!
View of Estes Park from high up on Twin Sisters peak where I climbed with my daughter in September.


Thursday, May 23, 2019

Spring 2019

Colorado Rocky Mountains from the Boulder SDB Church property

Dear Friends,

I hope you are enjoying the warmer days of spring, between cold snaps. Where I live in Colorado it snowed this week, in mid-May! But summer is coming, and I am looking forward to more outdoor ministry and our annual SDB Conference.

I and my fellow volunteers are making progress on improvements to the Conference database, and we are closer to using it for the Sabbath Recorder and other mailings (replacing an older system). We call it the “CRM”, meaning Church Relationship Management. We have information on the SDB churches in USA and Canada, plus many individual SDBs and those who want to connect with us but live at a distance from our churches. 

Milton SDB QPlace leaders

One of our goals is to know what skill sets people have so we can better connect needs to resources. For example, if your church wants to get better at reaching your community for Christ, we could put you in touch with people in Milton who have been hosting “QPlace” groups, or leaders of the White Cloud church who minister to local schools, or people in Dodge Center who are doing “Time to Revive”. So, I am gathering information on our people’s skills and experience to store in the CRM.
Marcelo Saez, new contact with group in FL

I continue to enjoy helping the people who inquire about SDBs. In the first quarter of this year I responded to 17 people. Some I was able to connect to a nearby pastor or other leader, but most are far from our churches. I always offer links to online worship services as an option. Recording or livestreaming your service is a great ministry to these remote Sabbath keepers. Some also contribute financially to the church they follow online. If you are interested in helping these remote Sabbath keepers stay connected to SDBs, please contact me. We need volunteers!
Pastor Steve Osborn at new location in Dacono CO

My home church, Boulder SDB, began meeting in Dacono in April, renting from a ministry partner, New Horizons Christian Church. The property in Boulder is under contract and expected to close in June. We are excited about serving our new community and I will be leading teams to host church booths at several events this summer. I had hoped to move to this area, but rents are much higher than where I currently live so no move for now.

One afternoon in March I attended a 2-hour training at the community library on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention. I recommend this excellent training to all church leaders and those who work in children’s ministries. Darkness to Light ( is a national organization offering free training, instructor-led and online. The program is called “Stewards of Children”. Check it out!

Worshipping at the new location
In order to get practical experience making disciples, we have created a number of mentoring pairs in our church to help each other grow. I am enjoying mentoring and hope we have new believers to disciple soon.  On the PULSE team we continue to plan for changes in our focus and structure, as well as guiding the process of finding a new name. Hope SDB? Restoration SDB? Reach SDB? Getting closer!

My trusty 12-year-old Mazda 5
For those sending financial gifts, there is no address change yet for the Boulder church so you can continue to mail checks to SDB Church of Boulder, 6710 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder CO 80303. You can also designate a gift through the Conference,, “Donations”. Be sure to include my name.

One-time gifts are much appreciated to cover higher expenses this year for dental work, replacing both my laptop and smartphone (already purchased), and attending General Conference in July ($435 room & board). I plan to drive there so I can visit the folks in Cumberland, Maryland, where I served in 2015. I may also need to get a newer used car this year. Mine is at 172,000 miles!

A high point this spring was participating in the SDB Pastors’ Conference in Milton, Wisconsin. I gave a short presentation on my work and the need for pastors and church leaders to help with new contacts. 

Barb Green, Parish Nurse, Milton SDB
Two highlights out of all the great sessions were a presentation by Barb Green, RN, on mental illness and how churches can respond by getting educated and being supportive in a variety of ways, and a presentation on “The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations.” 

One part of the 9 Arts is forming a “QPlace” group where nonbelievers feel safe to ask tough questions about God and faith, without being judged. The Connecting Church (Milton) has been holding QPlace groups for almost two years. The facilitators have grown in faith and boldness, and there are some new followers of Christ! Nick Kersten can point you to more resources on these topics (

Daughter, Ana, being bold in Boulder, 2013
Speaking of boldness, I wrote an article for the March “Sabbath Recorder” entitled, “Pray for Boldness”. It encouraged boldness in sharing the gospel and reaching out to unbelievers, based on my experiences in recent years, applicable to both extroverts and introverts. You can read it from the Conference website:

On a personal note, I am looking forward to the arrival of another granddaughter in August as Paul (my son) and Aimée welcome child number two. It has been a blessing to be near enough to see them nearly every week and once in a while I get to babysit, too! I really enjoyed going with Aimée in March to a women’s retreat by her church. It was spiritually and physically refreshing (hiking and line dancing).

Prayer by pastors for Rob Appel as he transitions the Executive Director role to Carl Greene.
Prayer requests:
  1. For Pastor Steve Osborn and all the Boulder Church in the process of replanting. We want to get good at making disciples!
  2. For SDBs to be passionate about revitalizing our churches and planting new churches.
  3. For SDB pastors and leaders of our Conference who may carry heavy burdens as they minister.
  4. For God’s provision to cover expenses for dental work, attending Conference, paying self-employment taxes, replacing computer and phone, and possible new used car.
  5. Praises for good relationships with my neighbors and good spiritual conversations at our monthly potlucks.
  6. Praises for my faithful supporters who pray and give to support this ministry. I’m very thankful.
God bless you and grant you His joy and peace,